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ROFA Industrial Automation (12/2017)

Aberle Automation Thailand has entered a partnership with ROFA Industrial Automation AG - Germany to use Aberle as a contribution and service Partner for their automation systems in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Sickert & Hafner (5/2018)

Sickert & Hafner is a globally leading provider of battery charging and material handling technologies. They ensure the charging of batteries, an external power supply and charge conservation in the automotive industry.

EFS Handling Devices (4/2015)

Aberle Automation Thailand has entered a partnership with EFS Handling Devices - Germany to use Aberle Thailand as Base for manufacturing Handling Devices to supply Thailand, China, Asia and Worldwide customers.

Stringo (5/2018)

Stringo is a world-leading product and a unique vehicle mover. It was developed entirely in-house 30 years ago and today we deliver our vehicle movers to every corner of the globe.