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The Code of Conduct of the ABERLE AUTOMATION (TH) establishes various rules of behavior for day-to-day work, which must be complied with by ABERLE employees. We expect the business partners of ABERLE, namely the suppliers, to behave in the spirit of the ABERLE Code. We have therefore listed below all the rules of behavior of the Code which are applicable to you as a supplier. We assume that our suppliers will identify with these rules of behavior and take all measures necessary to ensure that they are complied with. ABERLE also expects that you make appropriate efforts to ensure that the Code is complied with by your sub-contractors. In this way, you will be supporting the conviction held by ABERLE that business success and the observation of ethical standards go hand in hand with each other.
Suppliers can direct any questions they may have on the Code of Conduct to the Corporate Compliance Officer at ABERLE Head Office. The ABERLE Code of Conduct, which contains various examples by way of clarification, can be found on our Website.

ABERLE Code of Conduct applies to associates of ABERLE THAILAND. At affiliated companies which, by their corporate structure, are not managed or controlled by ABERLE alone, (such as joint ventures), it is ABERLE’s policy to seek general application of the Code of Conduct or the introduction of comparable rules of conduct.
Where local law at ABERLE locations gives rise to specific requirements, those requirements apply; in such cases, the Code of Conduct applies complementarily.
ABERLE uses its best efforts to see that the principles of this Code of Conduct prevail in the co-operation with its business partners, especially its customers and suppliers.

ABERLE and every individual employee comply with prevailing laws and internal rules. ABERLE’s Code of Conduct and the rules of ethical conduct defined therein are the guiding principles governing all business activities of ABERLE THAILAND. The “argument” that it is permissible to deviate from the prevailing rules in individual instances for the purposes of business successes, and thus ultimately in the company’s interest, is not accepted.

All business transactions must be recorded completely, correctly, in a timely manner and in accordance with the specified procedures.
All records, reports and entries in documents and books of ABERLE AUTOMATION (TH) must conform to the principles of proper bookkeeping and balancing.

ABERLE is aware of its responsibility to society and therefore seeks to play an active role as partner in the community. ABERLE has a long tradition of supporting local social institutions and organizations. ABERLE’s activities are also consistent with the Global Compact, in which the United Nations has formulated principles for fair working conditions and responsible business.

Donations are only made if the recipient and purpose are known. Payments to private accounts are not permitted.
No direct or indirect political donations may be made to election candidates, office-holders, or political parties in ABERLE’s name.
ABERLE does not involve itself in party political activities. However, employees are free to pursue lawful political activities in their own time. ABERLE welcomes civic, charitable, and social commitment by its employees.


Fair competition
ABERLE supports fair competition and complies with competition and antitrust regulations. Any form of direct or indirect bribery or favors, whether accepting or making payments, gifts or favors of any kind beyond the lawfully permitted framework and customary scale, is prohibited. Our policy is to promote ABERLE’s products fairly, honestly, and lawfully. False or misleading representations or deceptive marketing practices are not tolerated. In the interest of presenting uniform global corporate identity marketing activities are to be coordinated with the ABERLE Marketing Team.

Money laundering prevention
ABERLE complies with its legal obligations for money laundering prevention and does not participate in money laundering activities. Money laundering is the channeling of assets (not only cash) which result from criminal activity into regular financial and economic circulation.

Commissions, consultants
ABERLE employs consultants and intermediaries only in conformity with the legal framework conditions and the guidelines of the corporation-wide organizational instructions, “Contractual Arrangement of Sales-Related Services”. This ensures that remunerations are paid only for consulting and mediation services actually performed and the remunerations are in an appropriate ratio to the performed service.

ABERLE complies with laws and regulations that regulate the way in which companies may export and import products, services and information, and settle payments.
Business activities with countries, persons, or organizations on which sanctions have been imposed are subject to restrictions and can be illegal as a whole. Infringements can result in heavy fines and, for natural persons, also prison sentences.

Every employee has a right to fair treatment, courtesy, and respect. Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated at any of ABERLE’s locations worldwide. In particular, no discrimination on grounds of a person’s ethnic-cultural background, disability, gender, religious faith, age, or sexual orientation is tolerated. Child labour and forced labour are prohibited, opposed without exception, and actively avoided.
ABERLE employees are free to join labour interest groups permitted by law.
It is expected from every ABERLE employee that they will not become involved in criminal proceedings (for instance because of residence, tax, customs, or currency offences) in their working and private lives. Any criminal investigation can have negative repercussions for the company, especially as ABERLE is a listed company and therefore has a high public exposure.

Business and private interests are strictly separated at ABERLE. The individual’s own position within the company may not be abused for their own personal gain or that of their family or friends. Preference may not be given to business partners out of personal interests.
Employees are requested to disclose any suspected or actual conflict of interests to their superior and to collaborate with the superior to resolve this conflict.

Company property, whether tangible or intangible, is intended to assist employees in performing the duties ABERLE assigns them. It may only be used for lawful business purposes and not for personal gain. ABERLE employees ensure that company property is protected against loss, theft, and improper use.
Know-how, patents, and property rights are of utmost importance for ABERLE. Superiors and employees know that and handle intellectual property with special care and responsibility.

Personal data on ABERLE employees and business partners are only stored, processed, and used in compliance with legal regulations.
Confidential information supplied by business partners is treated confidentially and used only for the agreed purpose. Conversely, ABERLE trusts that ABERLE documents are handled with due care. Obligations or agreements for particular secrecy are observed at all times. ABERLE takes appropriate measures to ensure that confidential information is protected.

ABERLE develops innovative solutions and manufactures products of high technological standard that guarantee safe operation. Energy efficiency and the economical use of materials are at the forefront of ABERLE’s work.
It is the mission of every individual ABERLE employee to see that ABERLE products meet the highest demands in terms of safety, health, environmental protection and quality, and that they also conform to the respective legal requirements.

ABERLE is constantly striving to reduce the consumption of energy, materials, and resources, and thus further the sustainability standards, at all its locations. This contributes to the company’s successful long-term performance. Compliance with the laws for the protection of the environment is matter-of-course.

ABERLE is committed to creating and assuring a safe, protected, and healthy working environment. Safety regulations and practices are complied with.