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Ford Thailand

Automotive giant Ford Motor Company realized the global auto industry growth a decade ahead. Ford focused the Thailand market, the highly flexible factory is capable of manufacturing a wide range other vehicles in the future. In 2010, Ford invested to build a 750.000 sqm. state-of-the-art passenger car plant in Rayong province.
Aberle Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd was assigned as a sub contractor for machinery design, manufacturing for mechanical parts including body- skid and paint-skid, pre-assembly and installation of Duct-work, Electrical installation for conveyor-systems etc. With the high experience of Aberle TH, we effectively supported the full circle service from the initial start-up to the end stage, detailed design-drawings for fabrication and erection, material supply, installation until the commissioning and project acceptance.

Air supply duct manufacturing and installation for paint shop with DURR-TH.

External conveyer installation for paint shop with DUERR.

Electrical network installation and cable measurement of external conveyer for Paint shop with DUERR.

Manufacturing and installation of Cable tray for external conveyer for paint shop with DUERR.

Design and manufacturing the steel structure to fix vibration issues of Rodip zone 9 with DUERR.

Manufacturing mechanical parts to support of missing parts issue of external conveyer and Rodip with DUERR.

Manufacturing of Paint-Skid for 50 Ea.

Manufacturing of Cart for Paint shop-skid-carrier with docking Station.

Design and manufacturing of additional Manual Buffer conveyer for Skid Return, ED Buffer line and Top Coat Buffer line.

Manufacturing of Addition Roller Bed for Top Coat Buffer line and ED Buffer line.

Manufacturing and installation of Extension deck for Dip-Skid checking station with DUERR.

Manufacturing of Fall-down protection device for Rodip tanks No.3 & No.5 with DUERR.

Design and manufacturing for C346, B515, B299 BIW Skid used as common skids for Body Shop.

Modify of Body transfer station(BT) for Body Shop.

Manufacturing of Roller Bed, Modify Working deck Booth and Additional PLC program to connected to DUERR Program for Light touch up Booth (Group9).

Manufacturing of stacking parts as Addition to Dip Skid for Paint shop with DUERR.

Modify paint shop skid to support B515 and B299.

Design and manufacturing of stainless steel water tray for dust protecting for EC sanding booth.

Additional Bridge for walking platform at 12 meters Level for Top coat oven platform to Skid return platform to ED oven platform.

Safety fence manufacturing and installation according to German automotive plant standards. 

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